Getting Started


pynetdicom is a pure python package implementing the DICOM network protocol. It uses the pydicom package.

pynetdicom makes it easy to create DICOM clients (SCUs) or servers (SCPs). The following service classes are currently supported, both as SCU and SCP:

  • Verification
  • Storage
  • Query/Retrieve

pynetdicom is easy to install and use, and because it is a pure python package, it should run anywhere python runs.

You can find examples in here.

pynetdicom is hosted here.


pynetdicom uses the MIT license.



Here are the installation options:

  • pynetdicom is registered at PyPi, so it can be installed with pip:

    pip install pynetdicom
  • download the source package , uncompress and install with:

    python install
  • A windows installer is also available.

  • To get the latest revision you can clone the source tree with:

    hg clone


Please join the pynetdicom discussion group to ask questions, give feedback, post example code for others – in other words for any discussion about the pynetdicom code. New versions, major bug fixes, etc. will also be announced through the group.